Why is it good?

It is made of natural material

Seven reasons for choosing a beewax candle

Natural material

Beewax is a natural material which is produced by young working bees in the form of tiny flakes. Beewax is used for making candles, producing cosmetics and medicines.

Pleasant smelling

In the course of evaporation it emits honey fragrance, while it cleans the air. It has antibacterial effect, so it is recommended to people who suffer from upper respiratory problems. During combustion the candle neutralizes the tobacco smoke and the effluviums.

The colour of its flame is warmer

The colour of its flame is warmer, it has yellower colour, like the paraffin content candles. It makes warmth and intimate atmosphere by its magical light.

No carcinogenic materials

It is made by natural material without addition of solvent and other addivites, so it doesn’t emits toxic materials in the air. Don’t forbid the candles from your home. Choose the natural beewax candles.

It burns longer

The period of combustion is significantly longer than the paraffin content candles.

Environmentally friendly

During combustion the beewax candle doesn’t fumes, there is no pollutant emission.

Nice gift

You can present your darling and loved ones with it. Make the atmosphere of your home more pleasant.

A good idea

Anyone can recycle the rest of the wax of the used candle.


  • Candle wick
  • A thin stick
  • A mould
  • A pot for boiling the water
  • A tin

Break the rest of the wax of the candles and put it into the tin. Boil the water in a pot and put the tin into it. Don’t melt it directly on the fire, it is highly flammable! String the wick on the stick and hang it over the mould. When the wax has been molten, pour it into the mould and leave it cooling.


Today the beewax is very popolar, but it is not a new age invention, its history goes back to the antiquity. In the ancient times it was mainly used for cleaning. Greeks also used it next to Egyptians. Ikarus desired into the cloud, he stuck up his wings with beewax. He fell into the sea because the warmth of the Sun had molten the wax and his wings fell down. In the Middle Ages the value of the beewax was equal with the gold’s, the honey and also the beewax were used in the barter. Firstly in the medieval churches appeared the beewax candle, which was used for heating and lighting.